last night, i had a dream i was beefing with azealia banks. not quite sure if it was a dream though.

fjaxxon replied to your post: i wanna go to london, so im like gona …

I’m going next month!😬

oooOo0Ooor if youd like to donate

ill set up a feed the children site so you dont feel so bad for giving money away. your call tumblr.

i wanna go to london, so im like gona not buy candy any more and im gona save and sell unnecessary things. and since im vaguely famous in my head, a tv that belongs to me is valued at 1929393939 dollars cos it was watched by yours truly. understand? so … let me know if youre interested in anything. (not crack or sexual favors)

anyone wanna buy me a plane ticket? or nah? 

latenightsolitude answered your post: how is everyone doing?

shawna is in town